Special Applications

At MAXAM we are experts in the development of special applications with our explosives, outside the scope of mining or infrastructure, such as demolitions, seismic works or metal hardening, always in accordance with the highest standards of safety and environmental care.


MAXAM creates highly efficient seismic solutions and products through constant research by our teams. This enables us to provide an excellent response to the needs of this industry by optimizing the transfer of energy to the subsoil, allowing us to obtain clear and precise readings of the seismic waves generated.


Environmental impact

All MAXAM operations, as well as the products we manufacture and our team of professionals, comply with our commitment to achieving the highest standards of safety and respect for the environment.  Our products have been designed for seismic operations and are capable of generating high-pressure energy in depths of up to 7,000 m. In addition, they are made with materials that decompose quickly after use.                     


Our expertise

The main characteristics of our initiation systems are safety and usability. They have been designed to offer resistance against traction and tearing that occur under normal use conditions and to withstand the most extreme environmental conditions. They are resistant to water, abrasion and safe against static electricity, electromagnetic inductions and electric currents unrelated to the operation. In addition, their response time is less than 1 millisecond, thus increasing operational safety.                     

Metal hardening


We are leaders in metal explosion hardening, a procedure designed for items with a high manganese content such as rail tracks, which makes them increase their hardness and wear resistance and prevents them from becoming deformed.

The propagation of the high intensity shock wave through the metal increases its hardness, as well as the yield stress and tensile strength, so that the treated parts offer greater resistance to impact wear and less tendency to deformation.


At MAXAM, we have been carrying out demolitions by blasting all over the world for more than 100 years. Our job is to cause the controllable collapse of large infrastructures by means of small explosive charges, so the planning and control of the operation are fundamental to maximize safety and minimize its effects on the environment.


Safety at MAXAM is a constant commitment that requires great efforts before and during blasting. Our research in R + D + i allows us to provide greater safety both for the environment in which we work and society in general. Measures such as distributing the explosive in confined loads in boreholes, carrying out preliminary structural studies, designing and sharing security protocols with all operational participants and the interested public, or the use of electronic detonators, guarantee maximum safety in each of the operations that we perform.                      


Environmental care

MAXAM carries out different mitigation measures implemented to reduce the environmental impact of blasting. In order to minimize the four main environmental effects that a demolition blast can generate (vibrations, airwaves, projections and dust), we use earlier studies, the correct design of the operation and special protocols such as polyurethane foam, seismographs, meshes of torsion or dust collectors.                      


Case study

An efficient demolition in only 285 milliseconds

With a total of 125 kilograms of dynamite, 466 electronic detonators and 285 milliseconds, we carried out the total collapse of the ELCOGAS tower in Ciudad Real, Spain, in conditions of absolute safety for all involved and with the minimum possible environmental effects.


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