Our brand is much more than just a logo and colors. It is our voice

It describes who we are and represents the MAXAM culture and way of doing things.
Our brand reflects our values, who we are and what we believe in.

A global and diversified company

2006 marked a milestone for us: we were already a global and diversified company, and although our name - Spanish Union of Explosives (Unión Española de Explosivos, UEE) - had great roots and tradition in Spain, it did not convey who we were and wanted to be.

That was when we adopted the name MAXAM and created our Foundation in order to preserve a unique identity and more than a century old legacy that we want to protect.

Our visual identity

Our visual identity is the main expression of our brand and it helps us to express our personality, background and commitment to the future. The logo acts as an ambassador for the brand and is our most important visual statement.

The X of our logo, which in turn is our corporate symbol, represents the energy released by the materials with which we work: a positive and contagious energy shared by the people employed by MAXAM, spreading around the world.

One of our main identity traits is red, which is the color of our symbol and evokes the energy transmitted by the materials in which we are specialists. We are also represented by gray, which transmits rigor and precision.


Beyond Performance

Two words that convey our essence as a company, that show all our potential and express our commitment to the pursuit of excellence in all areas.

We have high level professionals who dedicate all their energy and talent to generate added value,
inspiring our customers and enabling them to go further in their projects.