Civil Works

Infrastructure development has a direct impact on society’s growth and sustainability, which requires efficient high-precision blasting solutions.

The safety and control of the environmental impact are key in the civil works projects we operate as they are often close to urban centres or sensitive structures.

Underwater blasting


At MAXAM we are world leaders in underwater blasting. The use of bulk explosives and innovative blasting techniques specific to this segment expedite the excavation of the blasted material:


  • Rock fragmentation according to the customer's specifications.
  • Technical assistance and specialised technology to ensure maximum productivity.
  • Complete regulatory compliance, guaranteeing safety and control of environmental impacts within the agreed schedule.
  • Experience in the development of large complex projects before the stipulated deadline and without incidents.



Case study

Reconstruction of the most important waterway for the global economy

At the Panama Canal, we were able to stand in our customer’s shoes and do the unheard of. We optimized the rock fragmentation in such a way that the cover suction draggers could remove blasted rock far quicker than before. The result: finishing the project 4 times earlier than programmed.



As a leading company in blasting solutions for tunneling, we count on a wide technology portfolio to offer solutions in any kind of rock, reducing timings and guaranteeing safety. In fact, we have operated in the Europe’s largest tunnel (55km)

- Improved drilling quality
- Maximum advance with the least damage
  (minimising the overbreak risk)
- Reduced ventilation times

- Real time rock characterization
- Control of environmental impact



We develop the blasting patterns to ensure the best outcome with the highest safety and environmental standards.

- Complete regulatory compliance, guaranteeing safety and control of environmental impacts
- Complete range of drilling and blasting solutions to offer results within the deadline
- TCO optimisation
- Guaranteed supply

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Case study

Building the longest underground rail link in the world

The Brenner Base Tunnel is a horizontal railway line running through the Alps; a railway line for the future. It is the main element of a new railway from Munich to Verona, where MAXAM has provided its blasting technology and expertise.


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