Cultural and educational initiatives to create a sustainable future

At MAXAM we work every day to contribute to the progress of our society. Therefore, in 2006 we created our Foundation in order to promote social development by supporting cultural and educational programs.

Our foundation stands out through the diversity of initiatives and projects that it generates in the fields of culture and education: supporting artistic creation, university education and research or the study and preservation of the historical legacy generated since Alfred Nobel founded MAXAM in 1872.


Our contribution to the development of artists with intellectual disabilities

Creative, expressive, and amazing are some words to describe the more than 40 artists whose works have been part of the, #MAXAMArteDown Exhibition. In participation with the Fundación de Sindrome Down de Madrid and AEPE Madrid.



MAXAM Business-Chair

Programs for developing knowledge about Explosive Technology in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Madrid and agreements with top universities throughout the world.


Local projects

In collaboration with local entities or through our own initiatives, support programs for the education of the youngest members of the communities in which we operate, especially in Africa, Asia and Latin America.


MAXAM Foundation Social Networks

Discover all the cultural and educational projects that we carry out on the MAXAM social networks.