We protect the environment today to guarantee our tomorrow

At MAXAM, we develop our activity with a clear commitment to respecting the environment and energy efficiency in order to contribute to the progress and sustainable development of the society in which we live.

Energy generation: our main contribution

We are an active part of voluntary initiatives such as Responsible Care and Global Compact (of the United Nations). We ensure that the design and development of our products, processes and integral solutions are carried out in accordance with the most demanding standards in terms of environmental protection. Also, as a technology company specializing in energetic materials, we approach the energy efficiency of our facilities and activities as one more measure through which to add value to our customers and society as a whole.

MAXAM joins the grand challenge

As the UN promotes, together we can Beat Air Pollution, in our operations, our offices, at transport & travelling.


Environmental & life cycle management

MAXAM's environmental policy is global in scope and is applicable to the entire group, from its headquarters to 140 subsidiaries in 50 countries.
It is a multi-site, multi-standard and multi-function system that allows us to guarantee the highest environmental standards in all our operations,
fulfilling our commitment to protecting the environment.