Technology: our competitive advantage

MAXAM defines the constant search for innovation: a distinctive and competitive value. Our technological developments have been crucial in our evolution, in the optimization of the services we provide for our customers and in our role as the engine of social and economic progress.

A dual innovation ecosystem

Our technological model allows us to quickly adapt to the market, maintaining focus on the customer as a fundamental part of the innovation process.

Technological Platform

Our technological platform of energetic materials creates, captures, disseminates and puts into practice the company’s technological knowledge, favoring economies of scale throughout the organization. Through a dual innovation system integrating technology and business, we guarantee that the entire organization, at the corporate level and in the different markets and business units, moves in the same direction.

At MAXAM we have defined five essential and strategic technologies for our activity, which comprise this high-level technological platform.

Technology on the ground

Our knowledge management and constant innovation allow us to develop unrivalled technology solutions that meet the most demanding customer needs. Our developments are applied in more than 50 countries around the globe, facing all sort of imaginable scenarios and operating challenges. This allows us to constantly identify new improvements and technologies for increased operational efficiency, safety and environmental care.

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Innovation centers

The innovation centers boost research in strategic technologies and their application in different sectors and markets.  Collaboration with external organizations is also ongoing: dialogue delivers value, and that is why the different innovation units work with institutions at a worldwide level in different projects.

A value creation company through innovation

Constantly exploring new paths and possibilities is the only way we know to continue generating value for all our stakeholders. We only understand innovation when it is aimed at creating value: improving the health and safety of processes and facilities, reducing the environmental impact of our activity, constantly working on the increased productivity of our customers’ operations and continuing to discover solutions for social progress. One of our core values as a technology company is innovation. A driving force in our transformation process towards becoming a global technological leader.

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Technology management at MAXAM

MAXAM's corporate technology policy guarantees the sustained development of our knowledge and technological capacities, with a clear focus on customers and the markets in which we operate.