We value the diversity and commitment of our team 

At MAXAM, we know that the talent of our people is our greatest competitive advantage. We foster an environment in which we collaborate and respect each other: where differences are valued.

A diverse and global team

At MAXAM, we value diversity. We are aware of its importance in putting together high-performance teams that provide innovative solutions.

To do this, we seek to integrate in our workforce people of different gender, ages, studies,
nationalities and cultures, sexual orientation and professional and personal experiences.

We work in a global market and our professionals reflect this globality. Chile, Ghana, Mongolia, China...
Wherever our operations take us, we integrate international teams with local teams that represent the communities in which we operate and in which our clients live.


Over 150 years of commitment to diversity

At the end of the 19th century, the female “dynamiters” at our Galdácano factory were pioneers in the inclusion of women in industry.


Inclusive talent: our competitive advantage

At MAXAM, we know that all employees have a talent. We work together to discover and develop those talents.


YESS Program for new graduates

Receiving comprehensive training and having the opportunity to participate in international projects working in the field are just some of the foundations of the YESS program. A unique experience that allows new graduates to join the MAXAM team.

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A leading team

The energy and commitment of the people who make up MAXAM have been fundamental in achieving the company's transformation in recent years into a global technology leader.


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