At MAXAM, we offer blasting solutions to obtain aggregates in quarries worldwide, adapting to the needs of each customer and the specifications of each operation, thus optimising the production and control of environmental effects.

From limestone to gravel and sand quarries, we develop our operations with the highest safety standards offering both Rock on the Ground and 100% Cut Thru Crusher services. We always take into account the commercial value maximizing productivity and efficiency.

Delivering value

We operate quarries with maximum environmental care. Through our products and services we comply with the most demanding regulations and this also allows us to have a full control of vibrations, air blast and fly rock, delivering the best possible outcomes to our customers.

- Reduced drilling costs
- Optimised rock fragmentation
- Real time rock characterisation
- Control muckpile profile

Products & services

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Our experience

We have carried out an on-going improvement programme in 15 quarries simultaneously in several locations, with the aim of reducing costs and increasing productivity, efficiency and safety as well as reducing the environmental impact.

Jointly with our client, we established 12 KPIs in addition to constantly monitoring the services in all areas of blasting of each quarry, achieving significant improvements:

- Reduced drilling and blasting costs by 7%
- Total compliance in terms of vibrations and air blast limits, with 0 incidents
- Increased production from the grinder