Customized solutions

At MAXAM, we transform our technology into the best solutions for customers anywhere in the world. Regardless of the situation or context, our team of professionals provide all their technical knowledge to ensure the safety and efficiency of operations, while respecting the environment.

We combine talent and technology, knowledge and commitment, digitalization and adaptability
in order to implement solutions that fit the specific needs of each operation. We operate in diverse and complex environments,
from the steppes of Kazakhstan to the Atacama Desert and the jungles of Zambia.



At MAXAM we are close to our clients. Every day, our people around the world work hand-in-hand with our customers in their operations. Non-conformity defines us: we are always thinking about how to go that extra mile and bring value.


We have been developing our own technology for more than 150 years, offering the widest range of products. That way, we are able to respond to concrete and specific needs, obtaining the best results.

Global Experience

We have the combined experience from our operations in more than 40 countries on all five continents, from open pit to underground, underwater blasting or quarries, making us a true global player: we are the second largest operator in the sector worldwide.

X-Energy: the right approach to optimize the TCO in mining operations

The first solution in the industry integrating selective energy application in a fully digitalized mine cycle. It combines the most advanced explosives technology in the market (Smart Rioflex) and a set of digital tools for optimized blast design and execution, integrated in MAXAM Blast Center.


MAXAM’s Smart RIOFLEX technology can instantaneously adjust the explosive density to match to a wide range of rock mass conditions, with one single matrix and sensitizing unit. Its mechanical sensitization provides more control than chemical gassing, ensuring the exact product quantity at the right stemming length and saving operational time.

Blast Center

MAXAM Blast Center is a cloud-based platform enabling the full digitalization of the blasting services. It integrates a full range of MAXAM digital tools to design, plan and conduct the most efficient drilling and blasting operation, enabling selective energy application as per rock characteristics. MAXAM Blast Center is envisioned to include third-party data for downstream impact tracking and optimization.

Streamlined deployment and continuity of service

At MAXAM, we are aware of the importance of carrying out an operation in a streamlined and uninterrupted manner. For this reason,
we are able to develop our activity in record time, thanks to our modular implementation concept:


Technical services

Through our Technical Services, we develop cost effective solutions that support our commitment to safety and environmental care. These services include Digital Blasting Design and Modeling, Laser Profiling and Boretracking, Blast Vibration and Overpressure Analysis as well as On-Site Training Seminars.


Energy optimization

Thanks to the planning and design of operations, together with selective blasting and high-density explosives, we achieve more effective rock fragmentation.

In this way, we reduce ore transport cycles and also the power required for the crushing and grinding processes, enabling greater cost savings for our customers. Our aim is to become a true partner in the optimization of our customers' operations.