At MAXAM, we began our activity operating in underground mines more than 145 years ago. Since then, we have continued to develop solutions adapted to our customers, overcoming every challenge.

Through our customised loading and explosive systems, such as ascending bores (up-holes) or complete 360º ring charges, we can design more efficient blasting that enables an optimal distribution of energy, with homogenised fragmentation curves.


Delivering value

The development of our capabilities in underground mining around the world enables us to offer the best results, maximising safety and environmental control.

- Reduced drilling costs
- Optimised rock fragmentation
- Maximum progress with the least damage

  (minimising the overbreak risk)
- Reduced ventilation times
- Real time rock characterisation
- Control muckpile profile

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Our experience

We improve and optimise the underground operation of one of our customers thanks to our product RIOFLEX UGX, achieving significant improvements with respect to emulsions:

- Average advance was higher than 96%
- Reduced powder factor by 25%
- Reduced drilling times by 7%

- Reduced overbreak by 70%