At MAXAM, we began our activity operating in underground mines more than 145 years ago. Since then, we have continued to develop solutions adapted to our customers, overcoming every challenge.

Through our innovative solutions, customized loading explosive systems and technology we can design more efficient blasts to improve the mining cycle reduce costs and enhance safety in underground operations.


Delivering value

Our experience, expertise and technical knowledge in underground mining around the world enables us to offer the best services to deliver optimal blast results.

- Drilling, loading and haulage cost savings
- Maximum advance rate per cut with minimum rock-mass damage
- Optimized rock fragmentation
- Overbreak reduction
- Dilution and ore-loss control
- Reduced re-entry times

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Our experience

Thanks to our RIOFLEX Technology, we have been able to improve and optimize the underground operations of one of our customers achieving significant improvements when compared to using other technologies

- Average advance exceeded 98% in development blasting rounds
- Reduced powder factor by 23%
- Reduced drilling meters per round by 6%
- Overbreak reduction by 53%