Digital Technologies

Our digital capabilities are the catalyst that maximize the outcomes for our customers. The insights of our teams merge together to develop solutions that respond to specific customer’s needs.

Every day thousands of data are generated at every operation. The future of mining relies on mining these data and translate them into valuable outcomes for our customers in terms of Safety, Productivity, Predictability and People and Environmental Care.


Safety is a core value at MAXAM an this why we work every day to improve our standards and support our customers in develop safer operations. In fact, we believe that the safest operation is the unmanned one, advancing with our digital capabilities to full automation of the industry.

People Care

People care

Digital solutions improve the employees’ working conditions, reducing their exposure to risk situations: from remote access and handling of assets such as loading units, to real-time geolocation through connected devices such helmets or vests, among others.


Data management plays a fundamental role in the optimization of the operations, providing necessary inputs to develop selective and accurate blasting, maximizing efficiency and productivity at any operation.


The measurement and control of our activities through our digital tools allow us to develop operations that minimize environmental impact by reducing vibrations, air wave or smoke emission, among others, ensuring that we always meet the highest standards.


The safety and control of the environmental impact are key in the civil works projects we operate as they are often close to urban centres or sensitive structures.

Our digital ecosystem

Through our on the ground digital tools we collect the information from our operations worldwide and from different segments (open pit, quarries, underground, underwater etc). With this knowledge and insights, we are able to offer customized solutions that overcome any challenge.


With the data collected in our operations together with our knowledge and experience, we design and simulate accurate and precise blasting operations through our own software, RIOBLAST, both for surface and underwater blasting application.

On-the-ground digital tools

Field Data Logger

Software application for portable devices designed to collect data at the bench, such actual borehole parameters after drilling, actual loads on each hole, operational times, safety checks and equipment inspection checks.

Fleet Management System (FMS)

Monitoring tool for our loading units that offers geolocation, routes and driving speed, as well as a quality control of the product and safety and maintenance parameters.


Geolocation device for underground operations which provides personnel & assets position tracking.

xroc maxam


Is a new methodology to assess rock mass quality from drill-monitoring data to guide blasting in open pit and underground operations. It is one of the key technological components of X-Energy platform, based on the integration of the selective energy application in a fully digitalized mining cycle.