Suppliers' area

MAXAM's relationship with its suppliers is a fundamental part of our business and we consider our suppliers as part of our team and progress.

We foster relationships of trust, integrity and transparency with a primary objective: to maximize synergies and offer reciprocal value in all business relationships.

The guarantee of quality and safety of the products and services offered by our suppliers is one of the key elements in the maxam purchasing strategy.

With this objective, a supplier qualification and evaluation process has been established to guarantee compliance with these principles and standards of safety, hygiene, economy, finance, quality, ethics, corporate social responsibility and care for our group’s environment, as well as the regulatory and legal principles applicable to each country.

Be a MAXAM supplier

If you have never had a business relationship with MAXAM companies and you are interested in joining its panel of group suppliers, you need to begin the qualification process by completing a prior questionnaire. Please contact us to obtain a copy:


We will analyze your request and if the information provided is of interest to MAXAM, we will start the supplier qualification process. Otherwise, your request will be registered to cover possible future needs.

The supplier qualification process involves the following procedure:

  1. Sending of questionnaire and analysis of information
  2. Identification of the criticality of the supplier according to the goods or services subject to supply or provision
  3. A suitability assessment for suppliers of critical goods or services
  4. For suppliers of highly critical goods or services:
    1. Process and quality audit
    2. Economic-financial evaluation

Our General Terms and Conditions of Sale (GTCS) must be signed in order to enter into a business relationship with MAXAM companies.

see General conditions (materials)

see General conditions (services)

Our procurement process

Our purchase model consists of the following procedure:
  • 1. 

      Supplier identification


      Acceptance of General
      Terms and Conditions
      of Sale
  • 2. 


  • 3. 



    Continuous evaluation
    of suppliers performance

All suppliers that work with MAXAM companies must be qualified according to internal policies and have signed the General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

In all stages of the process, the supplier must use the tools provided by MAXAM to properly and transparently execute the procurement process.

Similarly, we expect our suppliers to adhere to the principles and ethical guidelines included in our Code of Ethics. You can learn more about the values and principles of MAXAM companies’ activity by visiting the Ethical Behavior section of this website.



Our Purchasing Policy follows common rules to which all the companies that are part of MAXAM adhere. If you want to know more about how we carry out our procurement process or what principles guide MAXAM as a group in this sense, you can download our Purchasing Policy via the following link.
Download MAXAM Purchasing Policy