Global adventures

Wherever we are, we work together
with our customers and become part of the local community.
Our professionals have unique experiences.


"Over the 30 years that I have spent in MAXAM I have been in different projects. I think my best talent is beeing able to understand our customer and to be able to meet the needs of the customer. I beleive in what I do and I like to see results from that".


"Creativity is what sustain us. Working with technologies that are proven but also keeping an eye on state of the art developments, always willing to take a step further and think in the future". 


"I came from my Australia to Canada. My best asset I bring to MAXAM is my engineering background, the way I can break things down and my willingness to learn, working shoulder with my colleagues and the customer ".


"Commitment is key to solve any complex situation. Team spirit is what let us move forward and learn from one another".


"I operate the bulktruck. I like to always be gaining knowledge and MAXAM has allowed me to do that".


"MAXAM made me meet all of different projects, situations and clients. That is why for me is a best top employer".