MAXAM Demolition Project

Executing a major explosive demolition project is tough, but when you have an electrical infrastructure located just in the middle, 15 meters away from the blast and fell zone – the pressure is well and truly on. 

275 kg of RIODIN dynamite, 1,400 m of RIOCORD detonating cord, 104 units of RIODET electric detonators and 2,215 units of RIONEL non-electric detonators and connectors were used to successful fell down these 3 107 m high cooling towers at the former ENDESA’s Power Plant in Andorra (Teruel, Spain) in just 7 seconds and without any incident.
This work was the conclusion of more than a year of work by the MAXAM’s engineering department to design, plan and execute it, including the definition and installation of the measures and controls to protect the workforce and key infrastructures: protective walls and live vibration and air over pressure monitoring.