NITRICOMAX, a strategic plant

With a privileged location in Tarragona’s ChemMed Cluster, NITRICOMAX is one of the strategic facilities in MAXAM’s nitro chemistry activity and a crucial part of the company's commitment to vertical integration.

The plant, equipped with efficient and sustainable technologies in the use of energy resources and consumption of raw materials, is mainly dedicated to the production of nitric acid, a fundamental raw material for the development and economic progress of society.

In addition to its use in the production of energy materials, nitric acid is used, for example, in the food industry, in the electronics industry, in the manufacture of medicines, in the production of dyes and additives, in the production of manure and fertilizers and in the artistic printmaking.


Nearly 50 years growing with Tarragona

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The NITRICOMAX plant is equipped with efficient and sustainable technologies in the use of energy resources and consumption of raw materials for the manufacture of nitric acid under the highest parameters of quality, safety and protection of the environment. In recent years, the company has made an investment of 6 million euros in equipment renewal.


20 years without accidents

The NITRICOMAX plant completed 20 consecutive years in 2018 without accidents at work: a key milestone in terms of safety and health. At MAXAM, we voluntarily comply with the highest global standards and work every day to maintain a culture of safety throughout the organization. An example of this are safety dialogues; leadership training in safety or the health and safety day of safety, which is held in NITRICOMAX every year in October.

>> OHSAS 18001


Quality and

The daily effort of our professionals, the continuous work of R& i and the latest technology in the sector, guarantee the quality of our products. We offer our nitric acid in a wide range of solutions ranging from 50%, the weakest, to the strongest at 98.5%. We work to exceed the expectations of our customers every day.

>> ISO 9001


Committed to the environment

We are clearly committed to the environment and energy efficiency, to contributing to the progress and sustainable development of the society in which we live. We are part of the international program Responsible Care. This is a global and voluntary initiative of the chemical sector for the improvement of Health, Safety and Environmental Protection in all its operations, according to the principles of Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility and of the Global Compact of the United Nations. All our processes are developed in accordance with the most ambitious standards in terms of environmental protection.

>> ISO 14001

Nitric acid technical product specifications