Nitric Acid

Nitric acid has a wide variety of uses: from the manufacture of polyurethane fertilizers and cleaning products to its use as a disinfectant. Similarly, it is a fundamental element in the chain of production of energetic materials.

The incorporation of nitric acid in our production chain clearly strengthens MAXAM's technological leadership and production and commercial capabilities.  We work together with our clients in the development of customized products that respond to their needs.



Safety, Quality, Environment and Efficiency. These are the keywords in any MAXAM production process. Our chemical plants operate to the highest standards of quality, safety, efficiency and environmental protection. The highest technology of their technological equipment, our professionals’ high levels of technical knowledge and the continuous work of R&D&i contribute to this.


Logistic efficiency

In addition to producing nitric acid for our internal needs, we also supply customers. In both cases, order management receives preferential treatment, generating an immediate response and a scrupulous emphasis on product quality, logistics service and delivery follow-up.


Uses and applications

We manufacture concentrated nitric acid and a wide range of weak nitric acid for applications in different sectors:

- Polyurethane foams
- Manufacture of explosives
- Polyamide foam
- Fertilizer manufacturing
- Manufacture of cleaning chemicals
- Water treatment and treatment of plastic and metal surfaces

Where we manufacture it

It is located in the city of the same name in Urbezkistan from where it distributes mainly to the mining markets of Central Asia. It stands out by being at the forefront in technological innovation and for producing a great variety of substances such as ammonium nitrate or liquid and gaseous carbon dioxide.


Located in the northwest of France, in the town of Mazingarbe. This industrial facility has a large production capacity for the European market. It also manufactures ammonium nitrate and ammonia water.