MAXAM TAN, a blend of legacy and innovation

MAXAM produces in Mazingarbe key raw materials for the nitro-chemical activity. The ammonium nitrate manufactured in the site is widely known and used worldwide as a strategic raw material.

The history of Mazingarbe has always been intertwined with the history of MAXAM TAN. The population of the city has grown at the same speed as the industry; and what initially was a coal processing plant, founded in 1897 to support the mining activity of this region of Pas-de-Calais, has now become a large chemical complex equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technologies.



Over 120 years committed to Mazingarbe

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MAXAM has devoted significant efforts to update the facilities in order to maximize the safety and environmental standards. We have made an investment of over 10 million euros in 7 years to ensure quality, safety and environmental care.


Safety comes

Safety is one of MAXAM fundamental values. The company is
committed to Zero-Harm to employees, clients, partners and the communities in which it operates. Therefore, we voluntarily comply to the highest Occupational Health & Safety global standards. The more than 100 employees at the Mazingarbe site share this continuous committed to maintaining a safety culture throughout the organization.

>>OHSAS 18001
>>Seveso III Directive


Quality and

MAXAM strives for quality and excellence. Quality is the element that keeps competitiveness, promotes growth and sustains business success while providing value generation for our clients. We have a clear vocation for continuous improvement in the effectiveness and efficiency of processes and systems through an experienced team of professionals, supported by internal R&D+I departments. We comply with the highest Quality Management standards.

>>ISO 9001:2000


Protecting our environment

We develop our activity with a clear commitment to respect environment and energy efficiency, contributing to the progress and sustainable development of the society in which we live. We are an active part of voluntary initiatives such as Responsible Care and Global Compact (Global Compact of the United Nations), ensuring that the design and development of all products, processes and integral solutions are carried out in accordance to the most demanding standards in terms of environmental prevention.

>>ISO 14001