Ammonium Nitrate

Ammonium nitrate is an essential element in the manufacture of civil explosives. Although its chemical composition is simple, its manufacture has a high technical complexity.

At MAXAM we have a production capacity of Ammonium Nitrate integrated in our industrial network. This way, we ensure strategic raw material of the highest quality, which we also make available to our customers. Our production capacity contributes to the independence and security of supply.


Supply capacity

The wide production capacities and the strategic location of our facilities around the world are key for the distribution of this raw material. In addition, we work every day to improve the logistics of transporting dangerous goods, whether by train, boat or road.


Quality quarantee

Being customers of our own product is what makes us more demanding in terms of quality and safety. Part of the success achieved in terms of MAXAM quality and service lies in the vast knowledge of our continuous improvement.

Uses and Applications



The main source of the nutrient nitrogen required by plants is nitrate: that is why our production is designated to a great extent for its use as fertilizer. We supply our product in two ways: as nitric nitrogen and as ammoniacal nitrogen.


Technical applications

Ammonium nitrate is the base component of most industrial explosives, which in some cases contain up to 94% of this component. There are also mixtures of emulsion and ANFO and hydrogels with 76% and 90% ammonium nitrate and in dynamite 40-50%.


Other applications

Ammonium nitrate is a source of nitrogen for medical applications and is also used as a raw material for the manufacture of fertilizers.

Where we manufacture it

Located in northwestern France, in the town of Mazingarbe, MAXAM TAN is responsible for the manufacture and marketing of ammonium nitrate, Orange Label®, Blue Label® and Rioprill. Its production is mainly intended for the European market. This factory has a production capacity of 180,000 tons per year. It also manufactures nitric acid, ammonium nitrate solution and ammonia water.


Plant located in Uzbekistan, fully automated and equipped with the latest technology. It produces up to 60,000 metric tons of low intensity ammonium nitrate per year whose main destination is the mining markets of Central Asia. It produces up to a total of 35 substances, among which are anhydrous ammonia, nitric acid and urea.