MAXAM consolidates its commitment to innovation with the development of an improved cartridge explosives offering

    • The company has complemented the high performance of its dynamite, RIODIN, by introducing new screw-in / attachable packages, maximizing functionality and loading speed in certain operations.

    • In addition, MAXAM has taken advantage of its presence at the tradeshow to advance the development of RIOTECH, which will be a new generation of cartridge explosives and will be available soon in Spain.

MAXAM, a global technology company specializing in energy materials and blasting solutions, has shown its commitment to innovation and the development of new products within the framework of the Mining and Minerals Hall held in Seville.

With the aim of responding and adapting to increasingly demanding environments, the company has complemented the high performance of its dynamite, RIODIN, thanks to the introduction of new screw-in / attachable more robust and functional packages. In this way, the loading speed of the explosive in the borehole is increased, consequently improving the current high standards of RIODIN in terms of performance and safety in handling the product.

On the other hand, MAXAM has taken advantage of the MMH framework to advance the development of what will be the new generation of cartridge explosives: RIOTECH, a highly energetic product with a completely new formulation specifically designed to provide better fragmentation. RIOTECH is under development and will be launched in Spain soon.

For Antonio Vidal, general manager MAXAM in Spain, “both product lines reinforce the portfolio of MAXAM's unique solutions. At MAXAM we develop customized solutions that respond to the needs of the market with a clear goal: to optimize the operations of our customers in any segment and condition”.


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