Manufacturing process

The knowledge of our experts on each of the components that make up a cartridge - gunpowder, primers, case heads, cases, charge (bullets, slugs, pellets and special charges) and wads (base and container) - is essential for its manufacture in plants specially designed for assembly and loading.

Throughout the process, our specialist technicians analyze quality in terms of sensitivity, power, temperature and pressure. This effort to control the quality in each step of the manufacturing process and assembly of the cartridge translates, for shooters and hunters, into greater safety, reliability and performance of the shot.

Cartridge production processes

Production of metal parts

The process begins with the manufacture and correct assembly of the primers (case, primer composition, anvil and lidstock) and the case heads. Monitoring the distance between the anvil and the primer composition or avoiding small deviations is essential for the safety of the cartridge.

Pinpoint accuracy in milling the cases

The cases are obtained by a complex extrusion process consisting of the homogeneous mixing of polyethylene and dye. In order to reach our quality standards, it is necessary to mold them with pinpoint accuracy through a continuous flow of pressure and thrust until achieving the desired thickness and diameter.


Base wad and cup wad

Our base wad and cup wad are manufactured with plastic or biodegradable alternatives we provide. They are the result of mastering the injection process.


Latching the primer on the case head

Excellence in the assembly of the primer on the case head, the base wad and the case is achieved by means of advanced monitoring processes to detect any deviation with respect to the specifications of each case.


Gunpowder or pellet: the load

When loading cartridges with gunpowder or shot, we use both state-of-the-art machinery and traditional loading processes when the product requires this, always under the supervision of specialist professionals.

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For over a century, MAXAM has been manufacturing high-quality smokeless propellants that are recognized for their adequate speed and pressure. Our single-base gunpowders stand out for being cleaner and leave less waste in the barrel of the shotgun, facilitating its maintenance.