A cartridge for every hunting experience

MAXAM has a wide portfolio of brands, developed with the aim of responding to each of the hunters' needs, whatever their discipline and prey may be.

We work to create one of the largest ranges of cartridges in the market, with a constant effort to develop new solutions that allow us to continue evolving with our products towards an increasingly safer, more responsible and environmentally-friendly hunting.


An activity in constant evolution

Hunting, an activity that connects us with nature and fauna, has evolved until now by adapting itself to different environments, prey and conditions. The ammunition used in hunting has progressed in tandem, offering the best cartridge for each discipline. It allows the hunter to vary dispersion, speed, scope or stopping power, encouraging responsible and safe hunting that adapts to each of the variables with which nature measures the hunter, whether in terms of stand hunting, hunting with dogs, hunting in groups or in wetlands.

Different variables, different cartridge

Each type of hunting has its particularities that translate into different requirements for hunters. The size of the prey or the characteristics of its movement may require a cartridge with a wider or narrower shot pattern, ability to stop the animal or the speed of the shot. In addition to the prey’s characteristics, where the activity is carried out and if it is carried out in a fixed or moving position is also important.



Adaptation to climate and landscape

The hunting area can be aquatic or dry, mountainous or flat, surface or air and all in a wide variety of climates ranging from cold and humid typical of the Northern Hemisphere to extreme heat and with or without humidity, as we approach the most equatorial areas. These multiple combinations of climate and landscape demand a certain performance from a different kind of cartridge that only a manufacturer like MAXAM is capable of developing. The requirements of the load, shot pattern, the pellet dispersion and other factors will have to be conveniently adapted to each case.
  • 1.
    • We are vertically integrated and produce all the components of the cartridge, achieving maximum control over the quality of the final product.
  • 2.
    • We provide products for a very important socio-economic sector with a long tradition such as hunting, to ensure a responsible and sustainable practice.
  • 3.
    • We have invested for over 120 years in innovation in order to adapt to the needs of hunters at every moment and market.