Providing one of the largest ranges of cartridges on the market would not be possible without continuous focus on R&D&i and the experience of our professionals. We are firmly committed to responding to the needs of hunters throughout the world and providing them with the most suitable, reliable and safe cartridge, no matter what kind of hunting they prefer.

We have been specialists in the manufacture of cartridges for over a century and we have a legacy of high quality and performance brands and cartridges. Our challenge is to evolve in parallel with hunters’ requirements and adapt to different environments, quarries and seasons to achieve a safer and more responsible hunting.


A cartridge for every hunting experience

Our wide range of cartridges adapts to different hunting experiences and their climatic variations, and to an animal’s typology and anatomy. Our own developments, created by our professionals in collaboration with experienced hunters from all over the world, allow us to guarantee both their safety and requirements as well as the respect and care of the natural environment.                     


Quality, performance and safety

The search for the highest quality of our cartridges is a fundamental objective. That is how we guarantee that our products are synonymous with security. We invest in R&D&i to ensure that our cartridges provide the hunter with optimum performance in any circumstance and in any place in the world. Our cartridges are shot in Alaska or in Kenya, always with excellent results despite climatic differences.

Our brands